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Adewunmipraise Foundation focusses on improving the life chances of children and families experiencing
poverty and hardship. The Foundation will offer a network of community provisions to provide poverty
relief, in the public interest, to children and their families. The service provision will be inclusive across
England, and be welcoming to persons of all races, ethnicities, religious beliefs, genders, sexual
orientation, and age. Adewunmipraise Foundation is eager to promote and utilise the strengths within our
communities to improve the lives of children and families.
The Adewunmipraise Foundation community network provisions will be:
• To distribute support packages, this will include clothing, toiletries, household provisions,
specialist items (e.g. baby items for new parents; maternity items for pregnant women), which will be
provided to children and families who are in need and referred to contact points by link professionals or
through self-referrals. The contact points and networks of professionals are built upon the specialisms
amongst Adewunmipraise Foundation Trustees, including Health Visiting, Child-Care, Inter-faith spaces,
school and holiday club spaces, and Community Centres.
• To deliver food programmes, including foodbank services in various localities, for those identifies
to be in need due to their financial hardship and vulnerabilities.
• To provide counselling, life-skills and develop training programmes to help parents develop skills
to overcome financial hardships, cope with stressors of parenthood and to restore their right to dignity and
a decent life, such as through confidence-building, access to return to work support and so on.
• To keep the needs of children, including children with disabilities or vulnerabilities, at the centre of
our interventions, and therefore promote their health and well-being, as well as ensuring their
safeguarding. Provide supplies and the necessities, such as clothing (including school uniforms),
educational equipment, and age appropriate toys for children to aid their resilience and ability to overcome
poverty and hardship.
Adewunmipraise Foundation will work diligently to deliver high quality provisions that support children and
families who have experienced poverty so that we can restore their fundamental right to have a decent

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